What exactly is Windows to the Past?

Windows to the Past is a series of audio books on various Baha’i topics, narrated in gripping story form Darius Shahrokh M.D. who both wrote and narrated them in gripping story form. The audio books fall into two broad categories, biographies of historical figures and other basic Baha’i teachings.

How many audio books did Dr. and Mrs. Shahrokh write and narrate?

Together they produced 25 audio books.


Are the audio books fact or fiction?

These are true Baha’i history stories, researched from Persian and English sources.  Transcripts of each of the recordings were approved by the National Review Committee prior to distribution.   These are fact based historical accounts, purposefully told in a story telling format to grip your concentration and emphasize certain points.


What is the significance of the window design?

This is our avatar and logo. Designed by Dr. Shahrokh, this was orginally the front cover of the audio cassette insert.  The design represents an old fashioned window with small pictures reflecting five momentous events in Baha’i history, each eloquently told in story form in an exclusive Windows to the Past audio book.   These five events, from top to bottom,  left to right represent a reflection of  1. the Chihríq fortress in Northern Iran, the place of the Bab’s last imprisonment (1848-1850);  2.  Rúhu’lláh, a 12 year old boy, and his father, Varqá,  in chains before their martyrdom (1896);  3.  Táhirih appearing without her veil  before the  very first conference of early believers in Badasht, Iran, (1848) thus signifying the beginning of a new age;  4. A rose and a nightingale  symbolizing Bahá’u’lláh’s public declaration of His mission in the Garden of Ridván in Baghdád, Iraq (1863,); and 5. Badí,The Pride of Martyrs, in chains before his martyrdom for carrying a message directly from Bahá’u’lláh to the Shah of Iran. (1870).


When will the 18 other audio books be available in the cleaner MP3 format?

When we get volunteers to clean up the temporary MP3 files.


Do you need volunteers?

Yes, if you have a background in sound engineering or are willing to assist with the translation of the programs, please contact us.


What Audio Book is best for new Baha’is and teaching Baha’i Youth Classes?

Basics of the Baha’i Faith briefly covers 9 areas of the Baha’i Faith, touching upon 60 subjects: History, Baha’u’llah’s Life,  Spiritual Teachings, Social Teachings, Baha’i Law, Baha’i Administration, Baha’i Community Life, Progressive Revelation, Practical Points.


Which audio books are available in other languages?

The Basics of the Baha’i Faith is available in Persian in a MP3 temp file and the transcript has been translated into Farsi.


Is it ok to download for free or to make copies of the CDs or cassette tapes?

Yes, although copyrighted, the Shahrokh Trust wishes to freely offer Dr. Shahrokh’s work to the peoples of the world in honor of his legacy.


Are the audio books available for free downloading? 

Yes all of the 25 programs (some are in 2 parts) are freely available, including the 18 still in their temporary MP formatting at www.bahai-library.com/wttp


What is the Baha’i Faith? 

The Baha’i Faith is an independent world religion founded by Baha’u’llah in 1863. For more information about the Baha’i Faith see the www.bahai.org.


How can I make my own CDs?

You need access to a personal computer that can “burn” CDs.  Buy a blank CD, then go to www.bahai-library.com/wttp/programs

1. right click on the audio book “MP3 (MG)” link

2. select “link as”

3. indicate the file name/location of your choice.

After it’s downloaded on to your computer, you can burn it on to a CD with any popular CD burning software including Media Player, RealPlayer, or Nero. You can download the CD label from this site.


Are CD’s available for purchase? Yes. Contact don@skyrunner.net

Color WINDOWS TO THE PAST CD labels also available.


What is a transcript PDF?

Transcripts are the original typewritten scripts which have been scanned, and saved as a PDF file.  They available for download and are helpful for teachers and people learning English.  The transcript from Baha’i Basics makes a great handout for teaching a class on the Baha’i Faith to youth or new Baha’is.


Can I  just read transcripts of the audio-book series if  I am hearing-impaired, or my computer has no sound card, or I don’t wish to listen to the recordings?

Yes, just download the transcript PDF to view or print.


Are the transcript PDFs searchable?

Yes, the original typewritten transcripts have been scanned with OCR and are mostly text searchable except for the Non-English names and words.


Are the MP3 audio files exact matches of the original tapes?

No. To minimize file size the audio downloads are not exact matches of the cassette tape recordings. The complete story of each tape is on the MP3, but acknowledgements,  some filler music, and descriptions of the other audio books in the series have been removed.  The new, higher quality MP3 files were produced from the complete tapes, and then edited for audio quality, preserving the original story content.


How do I report a problem with a downloaded file, such as corruption, erroneous information, or missing material from an audio file or transcript?

Contact the Baha’i library webmaster at webmaster@bahai-library.com.


Can I purchase the audio cassette tapes?

No, but you can make copies of the originals. The cassette tape sets are no longer stocked by Images International.  You can make your own copy by contacting one of the many Local Spiritual Assemblies who purchased the tapes for their libraries or one of 25 National Spiritual Assemblies that received the original tapes, which may be available for duplication.   Old copies may be available on amazon.com or ebay.com from time to time.


I want to tell others about these wonderful stories.  Can I link to your site?

Yes, please email your request to bahaiwindowstothepast@gmail.com.  Please ask others to join this blog.


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    Thank you so much for your great work. It has helped me so much to better understand the Faith. Also thank you for being so generous and making them easily available.


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