WINDOWS TO THE PAST is a series of 25 Baha’i audio books, written and narrated by Darius Shahrokh, M.D. and produced by his wife, Grace and daughter, Roya.  Currently 7 of the 25 audio books are available on high audio quality MP3.  The remaining 18 are in the process of being digitized from their original cassette tape format to MP3.  All 25 audio books are available for free download at www.bahai-library.com/wttp/programs.

In 1992, Dr. Darius Shahrokh, a retired physician-surgeon, began recording his talks on Baha’i history upon the insistence of friends in his Baha’i Community in Fair Oaks,CA.  Originally intended for local use, the recordings of many Baha’i historical events meet the needs of people who love audio books.

These audio books are useful for any one who wants to become rapidly well-informed about the Baha’i Faith without having to read books.   In view of these needs, Dr. Shahrokh expanded the extent of material, with the assistance of his wife, Grace, who assisted with research, transcript typing and editing.

Dr. and Mrs. Shahrokh have done their best to make the information as accurate as possible.   Transcripts of each of audio book were sent to the US National Review Committee for approval before the recordings were published and distributed.  Because of Dr. Shahrokh’s compelling storytelling artistry, some refer to the Windows to the Past recordings as “stories,” but it should be noted, that while told in a story format, these recordings are not fictional, nor intended as mere entertainment.  The intention is to inform, elucidate, and inspire the listener. These are  relevant, fact based stories, purposefully told in a story telling format to grip your attention and emphasize history.

Each program is the result of months of study of resources in both English and Persian.   The recordings were distributed by Images International from 1994 to 2001, and included maps, photos, and lists of references.   The series has been obtained by over twenty Baha’i National Spiritual Assemblies to aid their educational programs, with plans to translate them into their native language.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Darius Shahrokh, M.D.
Post Office Box 24, Weaverville, NC 28787-0024 USA
Copyright 1992-2011. All rights reserved.


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