Great grand daughter of Ali Mohamad Varqha shares Shahrokh family history

Dear Grace,

Many thanks for the great job of support and encouragement you provided  for over 45 years to your dear husband, to enable him to serve and educate, and leave such a great educational library for generations to come.
I Was trying to find some interesting program to listen with my 92 year mother, we came quite accidentally to the talks of your husband about Varqha!

Being a grand daughter of Ali Mohamad Varqha, she wanted to know what is the talk all about.  The rest is the history.
Your husband knowledge, reverence, and tone of the voice, attracted both of us ,and she wanted to know who is the speaker.  When I told her it was Dr. Shahrokh, she said she remembered seeing your husband as a young boy with his mother Katayoon Khanum ( sister in law of my late aunt Maliheh Vargha Ghobad) while visiting my grand father Valey’u’llah Vargha, in Tehran.   My mom remembers that my grandfather,  Ali Mohamad Varqha, thought your husband was very special even at the young age!

Any how, that was long way to say thank you.



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