January 2012

Happy New 2012 to all of you!!!
Don Davis just downloaded all 25 audio books, as they are on www.bahai-library.com for me to review their audio quality.  So far the “temp MP3” files are ok.  Dad’s voice is an octave higher than it should be, but the stories are still quite understandable.
I am so excited!!! I just got a response from audible.com for 7 of these bahai audio books to be included on their non-bahai site!  I’ve contacted 10 of the biggest audio book websites as potential distributors of Baha’i audio materials.  My goal is to make Dad’s 25 audio books available to any site that promotes audio books to the public at large!!
Also, I’ve contacted Jon Rezin, LA audio engineer and founder of  www.hearthewritings.com and Teri Ghaemmaghami, Audio Producer of www.worldunitymedia.com to link to bahai-library.com and to include all 25 WTTP audio books.  Here are some more Baha’i audio sites, which could be possible links for those promoting  Baha’i Audio Books.  Won’t is be wonderful when the 100’s of talks from Baha’i conferences, (mostly from the SED conference in Orlando and the Tennessee Baha’i Institute) recorded by Don Davis, become available to the public, as well as Baha’i audiences, as audio books.
This is amazing!  So many sources for audio books and downloads.

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