audio book submissions for your site: books should be free

Good news. Andrej Maczka from info is considering including some of Dad’s work on their site. Here’s what he wrote:
On Sun, Jan 1, 2012 at 10:43 AM, Andrej Maczka

Hi Roya,

Thanks for your submission. These books look wonderful and enlightening and we would be pleased to have them in our site’s catalog. We update our book catalog one to two times a year and right now we’re planning around 6 months out for the next update. I’ll keep your email on file and be in touch with you then to work out the details.


On Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 3:26 PM, Shahrokh Trust <bahaiwindowstothepast> wrote:


I would like to offer you 7 new audio books written by my father.

You can listen to them for free at

The titles for your consideration include:

1. Fadl-i-Qa’ini The Tamed Phoenix MP3 (21 Meg) PDF transcript

2. History of Baha’u’llah & The Uniqueness of Baha’i Faith MP3 (14 Meg) PDF transcript

3. Mirza Abu’l-Fadl: The Greatest Scholar MP3 (17 Meg) PDF transcript

4. Mulla Rida: The Indestructible MP3 (18 Meg) PDF transcript

5. Tahirih and Khadijih Bagum: Baha’i Heroines MP3 (20 Meg) PDF transcript

6. Shoghi Effendi: The Sign of God MP3 (13 Meg) PDF tran

7. Varqa and Son: The Heavenly Doves MP3 (27 Meg) PDF transcript

(The PDF transcripts have been scanned from the original typewritten scripts onto PDF available, for download.)

These were written by my father, Darius Shahrokh, MD, and I am trying to promote his work to honor his memory. I own the copyright and can authorize any necessary arrangements. Please e-mail me at bahaiwindowstothepast if you are interested or call me for more details.

Thank you,
Roya Shahrokh, CEO

Inspired Baha’i audio education

Produced by the Shahrokh Trust.
Copyrighted 2011. All rights reserved

Distributed freely at
Compact Discs available. $5.00 each, plus shipping


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